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A Requested Update

As a special request from Kenneth, here’s a fresh (ish) blog post.  Ask and ye shall receive.

Our home reno is 99% complete.  The house is done, with just a few final touch-ups and final inspections in the coming weeks.  We have a brand new driveway (that the city cut up days after it was laid to replace our sidewalk) and we’ll get our new front and back yards late this summer or early this fall.  Before that happens, I have to build our new garden shed, so I’m hoping for some cooler, less humid weather. Then, we’ll be done.  What a relief.

Our boys continue to keep our lives interesting.  Seb (he’s no longer “Sebby”) just turned 7 and is growing like a weed.  If he grows up to have a desk job, he’ll be one of those guys who has a standing desk with a treadmill; he’s ALWAYS moving, and has the deep well of energy to keep it up.  His favorite outlets are baseball, soccer and hockey.  Sports, sports, sports.

Christian is turning into even more of a joker than Seb is, which is saying a lot! He’s hit a deeply inquisitive stage with a never-ending stream of questions, but mostly he just likes to chat, tell stories and make us laugh. We’ll be celebrating his 4th birthday later this summer and he starts Junior Kindergarten this fall, where we hope he gets more satisfactory answers to all his questions than we seem to give him.

Mojo has had a bit of a rough spring/summer.  Back in May, he got into a tussle with a porcupine under the cottage and ended up with a few dozen needles in his nose.  He recovered like a champ.  Then earlier in July he got a cut on his head that he scratched open into a bad gash that needed a couple of staples.  He just got his “cone of shame” off after a few weeks and is back to chasing his tail and the boys.  At 10 years old, he’s slowing down, but not much.

Now, this is the point in a post when I make an empty promise to start posting in here more…

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