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Danielle’s Armed Robbery

Rest assured, she hasn’t been charged with Armed Robbery.  No, she was temporarily robbed of the use of one of her arms just over a week ago when she broke a small piece of bone off her elbow after suffering a nasty tackle in reg-league soccer.

An opposing player blasted through and she fell hard on her elbow, which not only broke the bone, but also caused some tissue stress (and possibly damage) to the elbow and shoulder. And of course it’s her dominant hand.

After a harrowing whole night spent in a busy hallway at Toronto East General Hospital’s Emergency triage area, she finally got a temporary cast.  After a screw-up in scheduling for her follow-up, we’re done with TEGH for a while.

She’s now receiving excellent care through Mt. Sinai, and hopes to revive her budding tennis career in no time.

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