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"Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway"

And…. We’re Back!

Water, rain, more water, more rain… that was the weather theme this weekend at the Chateau De Duncan. Fortunately, we had MORE than enough food, books, games and good firewood, so we settled in for some Class A relaxin’.

I put a serious dent in my Chronicles of Narnia (which I still have yet to finish), got caught up on some much needed sleep (and then started off my week with a late night and an early morning… Good move, Dave), and I made sure to beef up on my homemade donut intake. My body had been sorely lacking in many of the vitamins and minerals which can only be found in giant homemade donuts.

The house was alarmingly clean and dust-free and there were very few signs of animals. A few mouse calling cards in the kitchen, and the carcasses of two of the offending beasts (one in a trap, the other fell into a deep bucket and no doubt starved). Once we got the house warmed up, the flies came to life, and more than a few small spiders, but aside from that, it was business as usual.

The drive up was pretty lively though. We saw deer off and on through the drive, and with the water so high, I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see a beaver by the side of the road near Renfrew.

I’ve never seen the Ottawa River so high, and the dams at Chenaux (where we cross from Ontario to Quebec) were RAGING to keep the water levels under control. I imagine that all the warm weather melting the snow in the mountains with this week’s rain combined to make things very interesting for anyone with a house on the shoreline.

Thanks again to Par, Jana and Jared for coming up, and for all their help cleaning and stocking and chilling out. We’re down to less than three weeks before the REAL fun starts. I can’t wait.

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