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Bedroom Archaeology: A Science Dissected

Good day, and welcome to Bedroom Archaeology: A Science Dissected. In today’s module, we will be discussing the investigation of layers of floor sediment, and the use of those findings to create a timeline.

Please turn in your textbooks to page 33, and refer to figure 7.2… “Dave Duncan’s bedroom circa April 29th, 2005 8:20am”. Here, the floor sediment is made up of a combination of fresh and clean clothes (left on the floor after being laundered), worn but clean clothes (worn once and not put away), and dirty clothes (severely so… mostly socks). The first layer appears to be mostly clothes worn to the office, especially button-up shirts which are spread out (presumably so the subject can fool himself into thinking that they won’t get wrinkled). Under this is a layer of cottage clothing and other sundry cottage items (sleeping bag, guitar, books, etc..). Finally, before reaching the floor, we find the heaviest layer… the casual layer. This layer is made up of jeans and cool t-shirts.

We can deduce, given the structure of the layering, that the subject doesn’t dress casually as often as he’d like, and that while digging for casual clothes (say on a friday where things are a little more lax at work), he will no doubt notice that three layers of clothing, books, and musical instruments makes for quite a mess in his bedroom.

On that note, our time appears to be up. For next week, please read chapters 9 and 10 in your textbooks and we’ll be discussing “Dust Bunnies Under the Bed: Will they evolve?”.

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