Dave Duncan

"Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway"

Lucid? No. Entertaining? Yes.

Now that the temperature has cooled somewhat, I’m finally catching up on my sleep (even though I’ve been pushing some late nights recently). I’ve got some pretty brutal sleep habits, but one thing I can always count on is that when I’m really tired, and really comfortable, I have some crazy dreams. They’re vivid and memorable, which doesn’t always happen for me.

Last night was a DOOZY. It started innocently enough with my hair growing to my shoulders, but to keep it out of my face, I gelled it back… straight back… on a 90 degree angle to my neck. After getting lots of compliments in public, I decided to twist it into a cone shape that looked like a spike coming off the back of my head. I was the coolest.

Then, I watched a movie about doctors and though to myself “It can’t be THAT hard” so I went to a hospital and got a job as a doctor (by filling out a one-page form… like how one gets a job at a fast-food joint). I was a good doctor and I treated many patients (mostly with high fives). After my shift, I ate some dinner in a park of some sort and then I went swimming… for a really long time. I just kept on swimming.

I bought a new guitar, and a car and went on tour to promote the album I haven’t recorded yet. Since most bars or clubs wouldn’t let me play, I played at malls and fast food restaurants. When money got short (this is the weird part… it has a little too much continuity), I would work a shift or two at a hospital, dishing out my ‘high-five’ remedies. That last bit played out like a musical montage in a movie. Weird.

For anyone out there who believes in interpreting dreams, good luck with this one. It was pretty entertaining, although I was getting a little worried about how long I was swimming. I rationalized that I wasn’t getting tired because my hair was more streamlined than usual. I love sleepy logic.

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