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Really Wasteful ‘Spam’

I get tonnes of garbage email… just like you do. It’s just a matter of filtering it as best you can, and deleting it when it gets through. Really, the only thing that’s wasted is your time (and I have enough that deleting emails is just an inconvenience). At home, my apartment doesn’t really get that much junkmail, so I tend not to think too much about it. Sure, there are flyers, but they tend to be for Canadian Tire, Future Shop, and No Frills which means that I actually read them. The REAL waste, is here in my office.

I’m not sure how many of you have access to an office Fax machine, but we have one here that we have to check regularly. It’s a private number that’s (theoretically) used only internally in my company, and yet every day we get a half dozen junk faxes. Faxes selling office furniture, computer training, and timeshare vacation packages. They come in and there’s no way to filter or stop them… they just get printed out on crisp and clean printer paper and are thrown in the recycling bin.

A few months ago, I started collecting all our one-sided recycling to make pads with the extra paper. Now, with very little need for a lot of notepads, I’m being crushed under the weight of a lot of paper that would normally be tossed out. What a waste.

I remember back when I first moved to Waterloo, you could bring a stack of recyclable paper (printed one-sided, of course) in to Kinko’s and for $1 they’d cut the stack and glue the top edges to make you a bunch of REAL notepads. I really wish they still did that… even if it cost a bit more money.

Does anyone need a scratch pad?

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