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So I sit down at my desk this morning, unwrap my bagel, and open my browser window to CBC.ca, as is my normal routine. That’s when my entire world turned upside down. I read the following headline about 4 times before it sunk in…
“IRA declares end to armed campaign”
Wow. I mean… wow. You can read the details of the deal from CBC here, or from Retuers here.

There are a few things I was sure I would never see in my lifetime… the Leafs winning the Cup, a funny episode of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and peace in Northern Ireland… the latter feeling like the longest of the longshots. Today, it feels like anything can happen. If the IRA can cease hostilities, that means that a whole new world of possibilities is open to us. Now, when I claim that the US is so far gone as a police state, that nothing short of a revolution or war will bring back civil liberties, someone can shut me down by saying “Yeah Dave, but look what happened in Northern Ireland.”. Touche.

Seriously though, this is a huge deal. Thousands of people have died over the last few decades in the name of Nationalism (which technically died sometime in the last century). If people want to keep fighting for a government that represents their religious and political desires, more power to ’em. Just keep the fighting to strong words (and the occaisonal drunken fistfight… these ARE the Irish, after all) and the world will be a much happier place.

With all that’s been going on the in UK lately, it’s a smart move by an organization that’s been working hard for over a decade to ‘legitimize’ itself politically. Also, given the crackdowns in security, changes in terrorism laws, and the increase in military & police powers, spending and enrollment, it’s a good time for them to get out of the bombing game. I wonder if some of the other political terrorist groups who see themselves as ‘honourable soldiers’ will follow suit. Groups like ETA in Spain and all those little fringe groups in Greece who set off pipe bombs in empty streets. I hope so.

Man, can you imagine being at a U2 show tonight?

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  1. Nicola July 28th, 2005 3:17 pm

    I wish I could believe it would actually last but I’m sure it won’t. I lived there for years and they were always declaring “cease fires” and it was always a bunch of bull s***. Sorry – just the way I feel. It would be awesome if it were for real this time though.