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Algonquin Trip: Day Three

Well, even God took a day of rest (mind you, He did a LOT more work than we did first) so we took a tip from Him… on Sunday, even. From the looks of things, rest couldn’t have come any sooner. Steve was starting to melt…


… and I was going into some advanced stage of shellshock… complete with the thousand-yard-stare.

The horror

After a cold, damp night, we fired up the stove and got some nice warm porridge and hot chocolate in our bellies to get us started, then we collected A LOT of firewood (more to come on this next week) while our cinammon buns ‘baked’ on the stove. Well, we started out just having the pan on the burner, but when the buns started to scorch, we got creative. Steve got the brilliant idea of using a pot full of water to make a double-boiler. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures of the process or the final result, but it was both McGyverish, and very tasty.

We gathered MORE wood after gorging ourselves on baked goods, and then just sat around napping for a bit, and generally relaxing and soaking up the great outdoors. After a few hours, we decided to explore the lake a bit and went for a short paddle (in the strong sunshine) around our end of the lake.

We got back, and spent some more time chillaxing at the site and appreciating our HUGE pile of firewood (I keep building this up for a reason). We also started watching a red squirrel stealing pinecones from a tree by the lakeshore. Steve named him ‘Jorge’ and began to heckle him incessantly for the rest of the day. He would chew branch tips off to get a pinecone, letting the other pinecones fall into the lake below. I guess Steve was trying to encourage him to get all the pinecones using negative reinforcement to motivate him.

We watched a great sunset while boiling drinking water (the lake was too murky for my poor hand-pump water filter) and prepping our dinner. We spent the rest of the night burning our pile of wood and trying to melt rocks and each other, and to generate a pile of glowing coals so big and hot, it would still be going in the morning.

We went to bed after deciding that our trip home would be ‘all business’ and we would show those portages who’s boss. To be honest, I thought this was going to be my last night on earth. I fully expected to die mid-portage surrounded by trees, rocks and bogs… with Jorge nibbling my fingers off to add to his winter stores, and Steve heckling him for not doing it right.

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