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So, just because acrylic paint secretly wants to kill me, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let it run my life. After all, if we change our living habits, the acrylic terrorists win. (I’m laughing imagining a terrorist all covered in acrylic. Good times). That means that although my life may be in danger, I’m going to go to gallery shows… I just love art that much.

There are two in particular that I’m going to check out, and I think you should too. If for no other reason, than in the hopes that you’ll see me passed out on the floor of the gallery from sort of repiratory infection.

The first show opens this friday at Le Gallery, and features work by one of Shari-Anne’s good friends, Emmy Skensved. Here’s some specific info on the show…

KILLER VALENTINES: New paintings by Emmy Skensved
November 3-20, 2005 Opening: Friday November 4th, 7-10pm
Also on view, new works by Ben Oakley.

le gallery
1183 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON
Wed-Fri 12-6, Sat-Sun 12-7

If you do end up going tonight, be sure to say ‘hi’ to Emmy and mention that you heard about the show through here. Since I’m going to the cottage tonight, I won’t be able to make it to the opening (and gallery openings are really fun events), so I figure I can still support a really talented artist and cool person this way. I really dig Emmy’s work, and will be heading to ‘le’ as soon as I’m back from Quebec to see her new paintings.

While we’re on the topic of pimping gallery openings, there’s a REALLY BIG ONE coming up that all of you should probably mark in you calendars… I have. Shari-Anne and a group of four other artists will be showing their work for nearly a month at the OCAD Student Gallery. Here’s the info…

Karen Crawford, Alice Gibney, Shari-Anne Gibson, Braden LaBonté and Adi Zeharia present drawings and paintings that construct realms integrating the human world with the forces of nature.

November 16 to December 10, 2005
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 17, 5 – 7pm
Regular Hours: Wed-Sat, Noon to 6pm
Venue: Student Gallery, 285 Dundas Street West, Toronto

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Karen, Alice, or Adi’s work… but I’m familiar with both Braden’s and Shari-Anne’s and I’m really looking forward to this show. Hopefully I can coax Shari in here to post a little more about the show’s theme and to write a bit about her works specifically, but in case she gets shy, you should probably just come to the show and ask her yourself. You might also want to bring your chequebook… 🙂

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  1. Danielle November 7th, 2005 2:07 pm

    Not to be picky, but I don’t think acrylic secretly wants to kill you. The attempts are getting more and more brazen. It has even tried to off you while someone else was in the room. It wants you dead and your head up on a plaque in the acrylic family trophy case. There’s brave, and then there’s just plain stupid.