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Review: The Matador

Since the last Bond, my faith in Pierce Brosnan has been a little shaky, and I wasn’t really looking forward to another Remington Steele / James Bond / that-guy-in-the-movie-with-Rene-Russo-where-she-refused-to-wear-shirt kind of character. That is, the ultra-debonaire British Playboy with the bulletproof wit and GQ style. Wow. This movie restored my faith. Julian Noble is a character that would make Charles Bukowski blush… and they would probably go and get drunk together (inviting the dearly departed soul of Hunter Thompson to act as their collective conscience).

Would you look at that? I’m already off on a tangent. This is what ‘The Matador‘ will do for you… or to you. Well, both. The story is hilariously quirky, and the characters are deep in a very natural way. Brosnan plays a really crazy character in a VERY fun way (which is great to watch) and the plot turns just enough times and in unexpected ways. Strangely enough, it’s actually a very touching story about the nature of true friendship, but don’t let that get in the way of you enjoying all the potty humour.

Did I mention the soundtrack? No? Sweet sassy mo-lassey! There. I’ve said it.

9/10. This could jump to a 10 on DVD if the special features are as fun as this movie. I think they had more fun behind-the-scenes than in them, and that would be awesome to watch.

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