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Something New Every Day

I try to learn something new every day, and today I thought I would pass that along to you.

Marble Cheese is a blend of two creamy cheeses; Monterey Jack and Colby. Colby, although it tastes quite a bit like Cheddar isn’t pressed or aged like cheddar is. This difference is why cheddar is crumbly and Colby and Marble aren’t.

Also, thanks to some serious questions from Dan, I now know that the plural of cheese is ‘cheese’, and not ‘cheeses’. As it turns out, the word ‘cheeses’ comes to English through the earliest settlers on the East Coast of Canada… specifically in Newfoundland. It’s believed that it evolved from sailor-talk on board ship, and loosely translates as an excalmation of pain or surprise.

Well, all of us are a teensy tinsy bit smarter now, and my duty is done. If you’d like more information about cheese, please feel free to visit your local library or creamery.


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  1. Brad Jarman January 25th, 2006 9:57 pm

    Colby, eh? I didn’t know that, I always assumed marble was cheddar & mozza.

    I wonder what the plural of “Screech” is…

  2. Meagan January 25th, 2006 10:23 pm

    that hurt!