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Van City

Wow. Vancouver is a nicer city than I would have believed. On Wednesday we did some of the touristy stuff (walking around the Vancouver Aquarium, going to Granville Island) as well as some of the more urban Vancouver stuff (drinking lots of coffee in indie coffee shops and eating vegetarian food… meh).

Basically, we had an awesome day which was bookended by a very early and a very late SkyTrain rides… which are expriences in themselves.

Last night we had a really nice dinner with Shari’s friends April and Danny, played some Foozball, and then hung out with Tiernan some more. Shari is taking the next few days to pack up her stuff and spend some time with her family before she heads back to Toronto on Saturday. I’m chilling out with my nephew until my flight on sunday. Since I’ll be around a PC more, that also means I should be posting in here a little more regularly too.

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  1. Daniel March 5th, 2006 7:16 pm

    Hmmm… never been to Vancouver, but it sure does sound nice. You’re inspiring me, though… time to arrange a trip!