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Lisez les Surtitles!!

Just take a minute to think about all the great movies you wouldn’t even know about if the whole idea of subtitles had never come about. Seriously. One minute… I’ll wait.

Now, what if I were to tell you that you could enjoy the same experience with classic French theatre? I know, I’d call me a stark-raving lunatic too (it wouldn’t be the first time), but that’s just what Théâtre français de Toronto is doing right under our noses! It’s brilliant.

In High School and University, I studied some classic French theatre, specifically Moliere’s “The Miser” (“L’Avare”) and loved how witty and clever it is. Well, it turns out that TfT is putting on L’Avare this spring! Anyone interested in coming? I’d be glad to organize a group trip in early May.

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  1. Tim April 12th, 2006 2:27 am

    Je pense que tu veux dire “sous-titres” mon frère. Ça sera un peu bizarre d’avoir des titres sur le film!

    Je ne serai pas capable de venir avec toi, mais dis allo à Molière pour moi!