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This Pretty Face

So what are YOU doing this friday? Same old, same old, eh? Well, if you’re in Toronto, I think you should head out to Le Gallery at Dundas and Ossington to check out Shauna Born’s latest art exhibition “This Pretty Face”.

This Pretty Face

Here’s her artist’s statement from the Le Gallery site…

Shauna Born’s latest exhibtion and suite of paintings, “this pretty face” take their cues from the gorgeous and gross reflections of the fashion industry. Drawing on the visages of friends and associates, Born takes on the portrait in this exhibition, shedding the previous relationship with the figure to explore the deeply emotive power of facial construction. Through accentuation of features, Born’s paintings toy with ambiguity in their reception, with a well developed talent technically and conceptual, the new paintings reflect a gentle shift in her practice towards an unearthing of the emotional subtleties in contemporary 20-something culture.

The show runs from May 3rd to 28th, and the opening is this friday evening.

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  1. sharianne May 4th, 2006 10:06 am

    my darling mandy went to b.c. and got freckles!
    i think this show is going to be UNBELIEVABLE!