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Happy 4th Birthday to Me

Can you really celebrate your birthday 12 days after the fact? This weekend answers that question with a resounding ‘yes’. I think I’m done with the big ‘Two Six’ though. I’ll see if I can make the Two Seven a 27 day affair.
Sorry about the lack of posting lately, and boring material. I’ve been doing a little too much work here at TheBank, and the scary thing is that there’s even more work left to do. Much of my spare time is going into looking for a change in employment, or some sort of Freelance activities that can pull me out of my present funk.
On Saturday night, thanks to Karim, a bunch of us got the VIP treatment at the Starlight Room in Waterloo and saw The Sadies team up with Nico Case… man, what a show. The opening acts were great too… I’ll post their names when I find out what they were… that’s one of the drawbacks of not paying for a ticket.
Anyways… back to whatever it is I do all day.

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