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The Ol’Fashioned Burger Joint

I had a late dinner last night after some running around, and I was craving a burger in the worst way. I drove into a McDonalds in desperation only to find it had no drive-thru (and I was WAY too lazy to get out of the car), and passed a Harvey’s longingly. After meeting Jen at her place, we walked up to a little Old School Burger joint at Eglinton Ave W. and Oriole Parkway (I can’t remember the name) and $7 later, I had a SWEET homemade burger with fresh cut fries… we’re talking chip wagon quality here. That also included a can of coke to wash it down.
Now, to be honest, this would have been a bigger deal if it had cost $5 or less, but I pay that much for a combo at Harvey’s and it’s not nearly as satisfying. On top of the high quality food, I also got the witty banter and respect that you can only get at a Mom & Pop restaurant.
Apparently, this place also makes a mean breakfast… It’s just a little hike away. I think that maybe I’ll be hitting it up this weekend for some greasy bacon and eggs. Mmm.

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