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Late Update

Sorry for the late update. I had a hastily-scheduled dentist appointment this morning in East York, so my morning quickly disappeared before my eyes. Mind you, my normally dazzling smile is that much more dazzling now. You’re jealous.

Here’s something that doesn’t often happen in a city as big as Toronto… I’m in the waiting room reading MacLean’s when the receptionist calls out to me “Hey. Bob’s your uncle”. Not really knowing why she said it, but being tickled by hearing someone say that in such a weird circumstance, I laughed. “No, you have an uncle Bob… your dad’s brother… he’s in one of the rooms having a cleaning.” she clarifies. Indeed, there was my uncle Bob having his pearly whites bedazzled (not using the brand-name sparkle product “The Bedazzler”, but with sharply pointed metal prongs and the like).

We had a brief visit (as a visit with someone jabbing at your teeth while you speak can only be brief) and each went on our way.

This is the kind of thing that can happen when you go to the same dentist that your dad’s family has been visiting since their teenage years.

Have a good day, and “Bob’s your Uncle!”. That kills me. Ha ha ha.

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