Dave Duncan

"Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway"

The House Always Wins

Brad’s rally cry of “What could you possibly have?!?” rang loud and clear at the Pembroke Casino last night… all night, and for a change it usually came out in my favour. It’s not often that I win, and it’s not often that I win much money, but with nine full chairs last night, the pot was significant and the cards were smiling at me. Success!

In case you’ve been holding off on coming out for Poker Night because the facilities of Pembroke Castle weren’t quite up to your standards (which must be ridiculous… it’s a freaking castle!!), all that will change tonight thanks to our good friend Brian. He’s donating his old BBQ to dress up our fantabulous patio which means that poker nights will now include seared beef. Actually, it means that EVERY night will include seared meat.

Speaking of seared meat… Canada Day weekend is at three days and counting. Mmm, porch.

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