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Best of the Blog – Day Two

Yes, that’s right… this pathetic clip show just keeps going. At least I’m giving you a glimpse of my former ‘glory posts’ rather than just taunting you with hints of how I might be enjoying my glorious vacation in the Ottawa Valley.

If you’ve been reading this for any period of time, you’ve no doubt gotten used to my rants and pet peeves. I’d say that’s about 80% of my writing with posts about my cottage or camping making up the rest. Today’s ‘Best of’ post is probably one of my best rants about urban umbrella toters… or UUTs as I will call them from now on… after coining a term like ‘urban umbrella toters’, you’ve just gotta slip it into conversation as often as possible.

Happy wednesday, and enjoy “Up in the Atmosphere” (Aug.31, 2005).

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  1. Kenneth August 9th, 2006 7:44 pm

    While I was walking around Caribana this past weekend, there was even a plethera of umbrellas merely shielding the sun … THE SUN! For sun, there exist hats. For rain, Gore-tex … the umbrella’s only useful function is a personal space device.